Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rubber Band Gun

What a clever idea. A great gift for Dad, brother or husband.

DecolorisShop owner Omer says:

Husband gift, Wooden rubber band gun and 3 animals targets (duck, rabbit and squirrel)

With the gun you get 10 rubber bands. You can also use regular rubber bands or get some here-
Can be personalized, use this link to add initials-

Have fun shooting stuff, but be careful!

For kids-
Do not try to shoot animals or people!!!

For men-
Do not shoot one another. I know it is a great men's cave game. I know how fun it is to shoot your buddies, especially after 2 beers. But don't do that.
Do not shoot your office buddies while they are concentrated in something really important, then hide your gun and pretend you are doing something else. Do not do that.


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