Monday, April 2, 2018

Going Forward

I ran a poll for two weeks and I truly thank all who participated.  I begged and pleaded on Twitter, Facebook, Etsy and Artyah forums. I asked on my Etsy and Facebook teams and got 289 views on that post. With all that I received a grand total of 17 votes, 16 for and one "close it down". Not very encouraging to say the least and kind of gives me an idea of what everyone thinks.

My original intent when I started was to post about some of the really weird, ugly, stupid, insanely overpriced stuff you can find on Etsy. But I was repeatedly told that I should be positive and not negative. So I'm going to try and stay positive but I'm not making any promises.

So, seeing as how no one is watching anyway, I think for now, I just might post whenever (not daily), and post whatever suits my fancy. Maybe it will be something someone submitted (thank you all those Artyah people who sent in suggestions). Maybe I'll post something I saw on a forum that made me smile, or ticked me off, or made me go hmmmmm. Maybe I'll post one of those insanely overpriced items. Maybe I won't send a note to those I'll promote as it is rare that anyone says Thank you anyway.

Maybe I'll just.............

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