Monday, February 19, 2018

Mixed Coral Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Four tile, specialty glazed ceramic wall hanging looks great on a wall, above a window, across a beam or on a mantle. Set is a representation of Ocean Life on an Emerald Green slate anchored coral reef. Set includes a coral fish, star fish, scallop sea shell and a crowded multi-coral, scallop and mussels sculpture tile. Each critter is hand shaped white clay which is highlighted with Emerald Glaze, and cobble crackle for added depth and twice kiln fired for durability and brilliant color. All sit on a extra thick 4", hand shaped and embossed ceramic tile glazed in light emerald green. The little fish matches the slate and coral colors and patterns on her little reef. Together they make a 8x8" or larger wall hanging, a 4" x 2' or longer rectangle or they can be used as part of a larger nautical mosaic.

Four 4" hand made ocean sculpture art tiles - Approximately 4" x 4" x 1" to 2" Thick
Emerald Green and White
Keyhole in back for hanging
Star Fish, Little Fish, Mixed Coral Tile, Scallop Sea Shell
Each of my shell tiles are hand made, unique and signed by me.

Most of my pieces use no molds, stamps nor mass production techniques of any kind. For the little conch I used a mold that I made from the most beautiful little conch shaped shell I have ever found. All of my ocean wall sculptures are hand made, OOAK and signed.


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