Thursday, February 1, 2018

Decorative Ceramic Bowl

A decorative ceramic bowl, blue and green with a geometric pattern.

This handmade bowl was thrown on a potter's wheel and then dimpled with a geometric pattern of hand-pressed holes on the exterior of the surface. The result is a series of incised holes on the exterior and a corresponding geometric pattern of raised dots on the interior.

The interior of this clay vessel was finished in a glassy crystalline blue glaze that runs over surface texture and highlights the dimples creating a polka dot pattern that converges on the center of the bowl form. The exterior is glazed in a matte copper green glaze with a few of the holes showing bare white clay.

This bowl is food safe and, although decorative, can be used as a special serving dish. It will survive the dishwasher, but I would recommend hand washing as it will last longer.

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