Friday, January 19, 2018

Multi Gemstone Confetti Necklace

An unusual Necklace you will love to wear -A Real attention getter
A must have piece for collectors of "uneek" Artisan Crafted jewelry.
A stunning & versatile couture creation that only you will be wearing.

This "uneek" Multi Gemstone Necklace has a beautiful variety of polished Gemstone Beads like: MOTHER OF PEARL - TURQUOISE-YELLOW TURQUOISE - AMBER - PEARLS - BLISTER PEARLS
SPONGE CORAL - JASPER - DALMATION JASPER - QUARTZRUTILATED QUARTZ - CHERRY QUARTZ PEARL "WINGS" -Beads & Chunks in many shapes & sizes from about 10mm to 40mm in a rainbow of colors. 

Many interesting, Large Beads, Slabs, Chunks and Circles in a big variety of textures and sizes. 
 A true piece of art that you should have in your collection
Both ends of the Strand have over 5" of smaller assorted Translucent Gemstone Beads, approx 5mm ovals, including AMETHYST, GARNET, PERIDOT, CARNELIAN, TOPAZ, AQUAMARINE, IOLITE with 6mm Jade end beads. One side ends in a beaded Loop &other side ends with a 12x18mm Amber Nugget to fit thru the Gemstone Loop Closure.    

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