Friday, June 15, 2018

Christmas Quilts

For quilters, summertime means starting those Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas quilts. Here's a few quilt blocks in my shop that will help get you started.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Scrappy Little Houses Appliqued Quilt Blocks

Little houses, on a hilltop, little houses made of ticky tack.

Ever block is different, every set is different.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Old Macdonald Farm Animal Masks

This set consists of an 7farm animal masks . The animals consist of a Horse, hen, sheep, cow, dog, pig, and a cat. All masks shown in group picture other individual pictures can be seen where they are listed individually in my shop.

This is a light weight game which makes it ideal for travel. It is a game that will inspire a child's imagination.

Great for a farm theme birthday party and as party favors.

Great for Easter baskets and Christmas Stockings.

Also, a great story time accessory which makes it an ideal gift for teachers and librarians.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wedding Bells Applique Quilt Block

This quilt block is made with todays trending colors of lilac, violet and fuscia. It is a generous 14 1/2 inches x 14 1/2 inches square. The background is hand tea dyed muslin and the design is made from an assortment of quilt shop cottons. This would be a great focal point for a wedding quilt or anniversary quilt.

This block is available in my shop, zizzybob at Etsy.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

OOAK Handmade Cloth Art Doll

For those of you who collect dolls, this is just the thing. It is one of a kind and certainly an eye catcher.
Iris and Ivy Dolls owner skraczy says,

OOAK handmade Art Doll. Not for children. This doll is made expressly for display. The total height if erect is 18 inches although she is made in a sitting position of 9 inches high. Body is cotton Batik fabric, hand sown beads, polyfil and buttons. The eyes are bridal satin buttons colored with Micron pens, watercolor pencils and white gel pen. False eyelashes complete the face. Her hair is rag strips matching the different fabrics used in the body. Her fingers are filled with pipe cleaners and are movable and separate. The body's main pattern is Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

I like to think that she is a thought, a dream or a promise. Her name is Promise. She belongs to the night sky and watches over the land with the promise of delightful dreams. The fairies look to her for inspiration and guidance. She needs a home where she can sit and look out at the night.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Shabby Cottage Crochet Rag Rug

I'm loving this rug, so pretty and delicate, yet strong and sturdy. It can be found in the Artyah shop named Carpet Baggers Creations.

The shop owner describes this rug:
Crochet round rag rug, scatter rug, bathmat, more.
Hand crocheted from clean, used recycled fabric and bed linens made from cotton and cotton blend fabrics.
Very versatile, and one that will lend itself well to many settings and décor. Colors: (shown here in natural and incandescent lighting)
Wide bands consisting of splashes or primary colors – red, green, orange, yellow on a white background. -Wide bands consisting of splashes of teal/turquoise, chartreuse/lime, red, white, multi.
Bands of solid light beet / medium dusty pink.
Bands of solid white.
Would look great in the following settings:
Would be very nice in homes, cottage, or country homes and décor.
Nurseries, children's and/or baby's rooms or play areas.
Cabins or country lake cottages.
Country or summer kitchens/pantries.
Seaside or beach side homes, cottages, condos, resorts.
Victorian/historic and country utility spaces.
Transitional living or utility spaces.
Select contemporary spaces.
Bedrooms, guestrooms, baths and select living spaces.
Round in shape, about 34” round (~86.4cm)
Reversible - can be used face up on either side. (See photos - last shows top view of front and reverse side.)
Lay on wood, tile, or vinyl floors, tile, or very low pile carpeting. Depending on your floor, you may want to use a thin rubber non-skid pad underneath.
Condition - newly made with freshly laundered recycled material. Some natural fraying, characteristic of rag rugs, but sturdy, clean, no stains, odors, etc.
Listing Image 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rubber Band Gun

What a clever idea. A great gift for Dad, brother or husband.

DecolorisShop owner Omer says:

Husband gift, Wooden rubber band gun and 3 animals targets (duck, rabbit and squirrel)

With the gun you get 10 rubber bands. You can also use regular rubber bands or get some here-
Can be personalized, use this link to add initials-

Have fun shooting stuff, but be careful!

For kids-
Do not try to shoot animals or people!!!

For men-
Do not shoot one another. I know it is a great men's cave game. I know how fun it is to shoot your buddies, especially after 2 beers. But don't do that.
Do not shoot your office buddies while they are concentrated in something really important, then hide your gun and pretend you are doing something else. Do not do that.


Friday, April 13, 2018

American Eagle Flag

Star Metal Art is a shop that makes and sells sign, made of various mediums. Shop owner Sue says
This metal Eagle is a beautiful piece for any home or office!
Shows our support of our Country!

It is made from 14 gauge American made steel. Be careful when buying a different grade steel because the higher the number the thinner it is and will bend.

***Size*** 16 in wide and 16 tall

***Color***This has been had torched for the colors and has a clear coat paint on top. They can be clear coated with powder coat for an additional cost.
I am sort of torn as to which sign is my favorite. Here's a few for you to decide.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gourd Dreamcatcher

Here is something different and unique.

Here's what Marcia has to say about it:

This dream catcher gourd is decorated with bone beads and feathers. The outside is blue with light and dark highlights and a silvery sheen. The inside is flat black. I wove the webbing with rose-colored waxed linen. The gourd is sealed with an acrylic coating to give it a soft sheen.

The height of this gourd dream catcher is about 11 inches including the stem, and it is about 6 inches across. The stem itself is about 2 and a half inches long. I grew this gourd in my garden in northwest Ohio and selected it especially for a dream catcher because of its shape and because of how attractive it looked with the stem.

This dream catcher gourd would like nice in any room in your home. It would also make a nice gift for that special someone.

She has several interesting pieces in her shop Natures Offerings, so stop on by and look around.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Copyright Infringment

Here's what's on Etsy's front page today

Plus a whole bunch of bead on a string bracelets. Grrrrrrr

Monday, April 9, 2018

Bead on a String

It amazes me that some people can put a bead on a string, call themselves an artisan, then open up an online shop in hopes of quitting their day job.

These items are not hard to find, they are everywhere. Take for instance this one,

or this one

or sometimes you dont even need the bead

Friday, April 6, 2018

Pink and Turquoise Tube Earrings

I am rather partial to earrings (although I rarely wear them). I'm not quite sure what my fascination is, but I think this pair is especially pretty and reasonably priced.

Listing ImageListing Image

Listing Image

The colorful beads are made from coated paper, which is rolled tightly into the desired shape, then finished with two coats of acrylic varnish.  These and many other lovely earrings can be found in the Artyah shop called Style Unique.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Row by Row Quilt Blocks

I have been making blocks ideal for row by row quilts for quite awhile now. I am kind of excited about my latest set of blocks. It's a complete alphabet, all 26 letters. These letters are hand cut, from 1930's style repro fabrics and fused in place on bleached white muslin. But you can request any color or fabric style you wish.

Although I dont think many people are interested in purchasing a full alphabet, I have the option to purchase only those letters that the quilter would want. Maybe you just want a name or a place.

Or maybe you might need some numbers too. You can purchase 0 - 9 or just the numbers you need.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty and they are handmade.....

Now I ask you, do these dogs look happy?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Going Forward

I ran a poll for two weeks and I truly thank all who participated.  I begged and pleaded on Twitter, Facebook, Etsy and Artyah forums. I asked on my Etsy and Facebook teams and got 289 views on that post. With all that I received a grand total of 17 votes, 16 for and one "close it down". Not very encouraging to say the least and kind of gives me an idea of what everyone thinks.

My original intent when I started was to post about some of the really weird, ugly, stupid, insanely overpriced stuff you can find on Etsy. But I was repeatedly told that I should be positive and not negative. So I'm going to try and stay positive but I'm not making any promises.

So, seeing as how no one is watching anyway, I think for now, I just might post whenever (not daily), and post whatever suits my fancy. Maybe it will be something someone submitted (thank you all those Artyah people who sent in suggestions). Maybe I'll post something I saw on a forum that made me smile, or ticked me off, or made me go hmmmmm. Maybe I'll post one of those insanely overpriced items. Maybe I won't send a note to those I'll promote as it is rare that anyone says Thank you anyway.

Maybe I'll just.............

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What do you think?

I have had this blog going for over two and a half years now and it has been more work than I had anticipated. Just trying to find the right item to showcase is hard. Is it handmade? Is it unique? Does it infringe on any trademarks or copy righted articles? Is it just another bead on a string?  I have begged and I have pleaded for submissions to no avail. I have spent money on Linky blogs which died a slow death.

So I have to ask, should I keep this going or shut it down? There's a survey over there ------->>>
I sure would appreciate a vote.

Oh and by the way if you do have something handmade for sale and you think it blog worthy, be sure to let me know.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Rag Doll

his little Rag Doll is handmade with a red spotty cotton body stuffed with hollow fibre safety toy filling and wears a pretty black and white check skirt which is elasticated for easy removal. She has little felt feet and her brown yarn hair is tied in bunches with ribbons and secured to the head.

She is 15 inches tall.

Each fabric Rag doll is made with a lot of love and care in a smoke and pet free environment and is also unique as no two dolls are the same.

Hopefully she will go to a good home where the love will continue.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Harris Tweed Baby Booties

Harris Tweed Challis Booties - with a hidden elasticated ankle to help them stay on little feet.

These blue booties would make a fabulous gift for a new baby boy. The exterior is made from genuine Harris tweed, woven in the Outer Hebrides in a gorgeous powder blue shade that will never go out of fashion. They would make a wonderful keepsake or heirloom to be passed through multiple generations.

The booties have a very pale pink corduroy sole and are lined with cozy white fleece. The elasticated ankle in cleverly sandwiched between the 2 layers so will not rub or pinch delicate skin.

Safety is a very important aspect of our products which is why you won't find any small buttons, long pile fur or other potential choking hazards on our items.

Handmade with care in a smoke and pet free environment.