Saturday, June 24, 2017

Golden Eagle Birdhouse

This is an amazing representation of a bird in flight! One look at this beautiful flying birdhouse and you actually feel the energy of it's soaring movement and can almost hear the rhythm of its huge wings in flight.

Mike's birdhouses are well known for their outstanding designs! He has won numerous first place awards at many fine art shows and festivals where he brings his delightful creations. This first, in a new series of spectacular birdhouses is signed and numbered and will become part of a very desirable limited edition collection.

This is a large birdhouse. The wood is western red cedar - known for its naturally beautiful grain. The roof is made using re purposed barn tin that has a perfectly natural rusty patina from years of aging on the roof of an old barn that was taken down in the mountains of Western Georgia.

The Golden Eagle is meant to be a sculptural representation of a bird in flight and was designed with pure ascetics in mind. The wood is Western red cedar and the barn metal is durable so it could be placed outside however it does NOT lend itself to being used as a functional birdhouse. The wings will catch the wind and cause it to soar wildly so it could possibly be damaged in a storm so it will do best indoors.


riorita said...

Beautiful unusual bird house. Never saw anything like it.

Graciela Gacek said...

Love the design!