Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Handmade Enamel Heart Pendant

I designed this heart pendant to hang at a sassy angle and have some personality! After sawing the heart out of the sheet of copper I then carefully chose the colors. This heart is full of funky effects that occurred in the kiln when the enamel was being fired.
This unique hand made and enameled heart will make a statement every time you wear it! It is one of my Gothic Heart series, my edgy take on the tried and true heart! This heart has the fire engine red enamel applied to give a painterly effect. This is my favorite one of the series!
Enameling is a fun and interesting technique that allows you to infuse a piece with color and personality. However, because you are fusing powdered glass to the metal in a high temperature kiln you never have complete control over the end result. This means when you use more than one color, as I did here, each piece will come out as one of a kind, and different on both sides!

The heart is ~1.5" long (~4mm) on a 16" sterling silver chain.

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Graciela Gacek said...

Great design and craftsmanship!