Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Love Boat Valentines Day Card

Origamic Architecture (OA) involves the three-dimensional reproduction of architecture, geometric patterns, everyday objects, or other images, on various scales, using cutout and folded paper, usually thin paperboard.
Visually, these creations are comparable to intricate 'pop-ups’; indeed, some works are deliberately engineered to possess 'pop-up'-like properties. However, Origamic Architecture tends to be cut out of a single sheet of paper, whereas most pop-ups involve two or more. To create the three-dimensional image out of the two-dimensional surface requires skill akin to that of an architect. (Please, read more about OA in my profile) I created an opening above the stairs to allow light in and to complement the colors’ composition.
LOVE BOAT VALENTINE’s Day 3D Pop Up Card Handmade Handcut in Metallic Red and White One Of A Kind

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