Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Trees Appliqued Wall Hanging

This beautiful Christmas tree wall hanging is approximately 19 by 28 inches. The trees are standing in a snowy meadow, all dressed up for the holiday. There are all sizes of trees and every one is decorated differently. I used metallic thread as garland (to add some sparkle) and various decorative stiches. Some have two colors, and others are crisscrossed with the same color.

The background is white with blue snowflakes softly falling. The borders are asymmetrical with red and green. The backing is an Anthology batik of red and green tinsel. The trees are appliqued using the raw edge methodology.

Christmas Trees Wall Hanging - Trees in a Snowy Meadow - Batik - Applique - Approx 19 x 28 Inches - Metallic Thread as Garland - Sparkles

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