Thursday, September 15, 2016

Handspun Art Yarn

Handspun artisan yarn in sunset tones of red and gold.
Richly colored textured yarn for your next project where warmth and color is desired.
Colors: wine, red, burgundy, gold, blue, teal, brown.
Ingredients: merino fiber art batt with firestar (sparkle), honey soya, milk, milk silk; long Teeswater tails, short Teeswater fleece; mawata silk; Tussah silk.
Teeswater tails are 10 - 12 inches long and most are wrapped or spun into the yarn; some can be pulled free if you prefer a longer tailspun appearance here and there.

Overall worsted weight with variable thickness as is customary with a textured yarn.

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Thank you so much for the feature!