Friday, May 13, 2016

Green and Pink Art Glass

This is a unique, one of a kind, hand-blown glass paperweight.
Stands approximately 3" and is approximately 8.25" circumference.
Bold colours of green, pink, and white.
This paperweight is made using the "candy ribbon" technique. Creates a gorgeous candy ribbon look to it with swirls and a few air bubbles. Very interesting pattern and colour making this truly one of a kind.
Paperweight sits flat on bottom. Please note a small chunk of glass is missing from the bottom of this paperweight.

Glass Art One of a Kind Green, Pink, & White Candy Ribbon Rope Glass Blown Paperweight

1 comment:

Katy Galbraith said...

Love this paper weight - there used to be more than 3 paperweight making workshops in my small town of Crieff, only Caithness Glass is really visible