Monday, February 15, 2016

I have enjoyed creating this blog despite the fact that it has been a lot of work. Combing the Etsy promo forums for new content is extremely frustrating. Wading through the same hula hoops, homemade jelly, dashikis, copper pipes and jewelry after jewelry after yet the same piece of jewelry posts is a whole lot of work. The same thing holds true for searching through all the same old, same old Twitter posts can take hours.
I rarely get a Thank you, or a comment and have only had 2 submissions since I started. So I have to ask if its worth it or not. Should I continue or give it up? Is anyone looking? Does anyone enjoy what I have found?
Please leave a comment as I am at a loss as to what I should do next.


Andy from Workshopshed said...

Hi Bob,
yes it can be frustrating not getting comments on a blog. I've been running a blog for many years now and don't get a lot of comments even when I specifically ask for them. I do however get comments on the blog posts via twitter.
In your case I would say you need to add value to the links you post. Make comments about the items or ask questions. "Do you think this would be good for ....." etc.
Hope you get a few more comments.

Robin said...

Wow. I think your blog is awesome.

I came here through a link at etsy, from the fishing lure guys post on the forums. He included a link to your blog.

I wish I had known about you earlier. I will tell my friends to visit.

I know it's alot of work fishing through all of the stores on Etsy, I appreciate the kind of time it has taken you to post the lovely things that you have.

Please don't give up. Here's hoping that the link in the forums will get you lots of traffic. I'm hooked.

Thanks for all of your effort.

Best wishes.

Bookmarking your blog.

Brenda Lee said...

Hi Barb,

You have some very unique finds and I've shared your blog on my Facebook page.